Today is good. Life is good. I am good.

I woke up still feeling a little sick, but better than I have the past 3 days. It’s nice to be feeling a little better. I went to French 2 at 1:30. That’s the first class I’ve gone to in a week. That’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise. We didn’t have school on Martin Luther King Jr. day, I don’t have Tuesday or Thursday classes, and I was sick Wednesday so I just haven’t had class. 

Since I’ve been sick, these past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time alone, and that’s been nice. Just sitting in my room, watching movies, hanging out, thinking. Whenever I spend a lot of time alone I do a lot of examining how I spend my time and my life in general. I realise that when I’m happiest in life is when I give my self some alone time to think. Not having been working lately I’ve been on campus (or at least the Queen Anne neighbourhood) almost always and I’m never really alone. Not having that alone time I realise how much I value that. It’s nice to just get out sometimes and think and reflect. I need this alone time, I love this alone time. 

I decided to go on a walk because a girl from my dorm mentioned that a pet shop in Upper Queen Anne was hiring. I love animals more than anything in the world, so this would be the perfect job! I walked up the hill after my only class of the day to get an application and when I realised how beautiful it was outside I decided to walk to Kerry Park. I haven’t been there during the day in awhile and I forgot how beautiful it was in the sunlight! There were so many people there just hanging out, admiring Seattle in all of it’s beauty. I even heard some guy say “This is unreal”. He told me he had never been to the park before. Today was the perfect day to go for the first time. 


Because I’m a night person, and an avid walker/explorer, I go on many walks late at night. It’s nice that going on the very same walk in the day can feel new again. Seeing everything differently than I normally do. Seeing people walking around, socialising, watching, just hanging out. Something so familiar can be different, it’s wonderful.

I smoked a cigarette and drank some delicious half iced tea half tropical Arizona tea. That is a good combination. I also listened to Bibio’s Lovers Carvings a bunch of times. I really love this song. I’m listening to it now!
It’s so easy to get lost in the music. It’s very repetitive  I love getting lost in music, getting lost in my thoughts. It’s nice to walk around the city, knowing that nobody else is feeling exactly the same way. Nobody else is hearing exactly the same thing. Nobody else is responding to it all exactly the same way. I love getting lost in my mind. It’s the part of my alone time that I love the most. 

On my walk back I noticed a girl was giving away samples outside of Emerald City Smoothie. I took a sample and told her I’d never been there before but I’d definitely love to once I start working and having money again. She was nice. I really like talking to strangers. Hopefully she’ll be there whenever I decide to check it out.

Now I’m about to head to Seattle Pacific’s Annual Talent Show. I’m excited for that. There are so many awesome, talented people at this school, I look forward to seeing what they’ve got to show!

To top it all off, tonight my floor has 2nd Christmas! Since we aren’t together for the holidays, we have an annual Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange. A bunch of guys went to a sex shop yesterday and got disgusting gifts, so I’m especially excited to see how it all turns out. 

Today is good. Life is good. I am good. 

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